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Saturday, July 16, 2011

ALONE :-'(

Damn,i scared about my life,i'm shy with my self,i'm bored with my stlye.
why i say like that . NO NEED TO KNOW LA YOU ALL . NOT IMPORTANT (!) ;D

Sometime "S" boring kot single.but,sometime "S" rasa 'serabut otak' kalau berkapel-2 ni.
OH GOSHH,mcam mna ni :|
that's way "S" ckap I SCARED ABOUT MY LIFE (!) .
-But this time I'm gonna find the guy that make my heart
beat faster ;D
*siapakah 'the guy' yng dimaksudkan oleh "S" XD

i wanna guy like this :-)
-baik hati
-tak hisap rokok
-tak merempit
-tak terlalu mengongkong

entry ni agagk boringkan,mmg boring pun sebenor-2 nya XP


Yang benar

Aww Ira ;)

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